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Farmhouse Ceiling

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So recently when I had a few free minutes I was perusing Pinterest – yes I know that means I was sucked in and spent more than just a few minutes on Pinterest! Anywho, I came across a pin that was literally scroll stopping, heart pounding, mind praying that it was cheap, gorgeous! Insert all of the OMGs and holy cows because ya’ll I got super excited about this farmhouse ceiling that was glaring at me from my computer screen.

Maybe I got so excited because I have three ceilings to replace in my farmhouse. Or maybe it is because I have been thinking a lot about what we have left to complete in the farmhouse before we are done. Either way, I could not click fast enough to get to the DIY Mommy site to see more about this farmhouse ceiling.

What I might be most impressed with is how she made three different posts about this bedroom makeover..kudos to her on that feat! That is for an entirely different post where I hope to share some insights on blogging and social media. I have been learning a lot about this recently and can’t wait to share it with you!

So back to the farmhouse ceiling and all of its beauty…you see when we bought the farmhouse this is what we were starting with. Literally the pics straight from the listing folks. For anyone that knows me or has been following for any amount of time will know my extreme distaste for yellow. And when I look at this picture, all I can see is yellow. And a lot of it too!

I have since painted my farmhouse master bedroom, which has helped a great deal. It is amazing what a little paint can do.

Half way point of painting…BIG difference!
A finished wall! Love the lighter cooler color!

So y’all can see why the picture of the amazing farmhouse ceiling and bedroom was scroll stopping, right?

She really did an amazing job of explaining how she updated this room and ceiling which you can find here. She used a product that is called Stickwood. I will be honest y’all, my heart literally sank when I saw the price tag on this product. After calculating the cost to do my master bed room it simply was not in my farmhouse budget when it came in at around $1800.

So a few simple google searches for something similar I found a couple of less expensive options that I am considering. One place that I often overlook when searching is Houzz. I have only ordered from them once, but I was not in the least disappointed. So don’t be a ninny and forget them! But a little warning, it is a lot like Pinterest where you can get sucked in for hours drooling over pictures and articles!

What I think I am ordering for the farmhouse ceiling is this fantastic pre-pasted wall paper. After asking (more like begging) my Mom the wall paper queen she decided that we could do it! See neither of us like ceilings. We don’t like painting them or doing anything to them! But because I am an only child, she has a hard time telling me no. 🙂

Anyway…I never would have thought about using wall paper on my ceiling but I actually think it will work! So I am placing my order for two rolls today! And I can’t wait to share the diy with you soon!