National Vegetable Day

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I have said this so many times but truly, there really is a holiday for everything! National Vegetable Day is one holiday that I can certainly get behind – especially in the summer when vegetables from our garden are so easily accessible! So this year as we celebrate National Vegetable Day on June 17, I hope you will you be eating your veggies too!

We love squash! Yellow, zucchini, acorn … we love all kinds of veggies from the squash family! During the summer months we find ourselves grilling our veggies with simple olive oil and a little salt and pepper! To get them grill ready, we do some quick slicing with our mandolin slicer! It is so easy to use and the clean up is a breeze!

Food on a stick is always a hit in our house! We love to fill skewers with both yellow and zucchini squash, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and cubed chicken or beef. We us a silicone brush to wipe on a little olive oil, sprinkle with garlic seasoning and let the grill do the rest of the work! Clean up is a breeze with these stainless steel skewers that can be put directly into the top rack of the dish washer!

This year we needed a new outdoor grill. Ours had lasted us a long time (more than 6 years) and we had certainly gotten our moneys worth out of it! But as the teenage boy has grown, so has his appetite so finding a larger grill that was affordable and would last as long as our last one was a challenge! Right now, the grill we purchased is on sale at Walmart! Check it out – you won’t be disappointed! And you can pick up a few grilling tools that we have found useful this year!

The one thing I love about this grill is that you can see inside of it and know how your food is looking without opening the lid and losing heat! I also love the side burner and have missing having one for the past 6 years! But I am back in business with my BBQ beans with this sweet addition!

We love keeping things simple, and some of the best tasting and easiest vegetable recipes are what we prefer for the slower days of summer! For National Vegetable Day I hope you cook up a plate of veggies that is cause for celebration! I would love to know how you cook up your veggies during the summer months too so drop me a note or visit me on Instagram!

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