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Neutral Accessories

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I am such a huge fan of neutral accessories and how they make my closet so much more versatile! Being able to extend my wardrobe beyond just one season is another good reason to add neutral accessories to your closet! And just because you have neutral accessories doesn’t mean that they have to be boring because these pieces I have recently added are anything but boring!

I have found myself investing in quality pieces that may cost a little more because lets face it, you really do get what you pay for! I am constantly telling my Mom to buy quality not quantity! It is all about having a quality piece to go with multiple things and being able to enjoy it for years! That my friends is a great way to stretch your fashion budget and still stay on pointe with the latest trends!

Here are a few of my favorite neutral accessories that go with everything right now!

1. Hat 2. Sandals 3. Purse 4. Sunnies

All of these neutral accessories can go with so many different summer outfits right now and they will be around longer than a hot minute too! They are fun and versatile and all show a little bit of personality too! I am seeing a lot of these pieces all over my Instagram feed and am so glad that I have added them to my closet!

These neutral accessories would compliment some of the outfits from my Girls Weekend collection as well as from Hello Spring if you are looking for more inspiration for your closet.