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Hello, Spring!

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Springtime has sprung in Texas and it is one of my most favorite times of the year! I know what you are thinking and you are right, I say that about all of the seasons! I know! But there is something so refreshing and new about Spring! The birds are more cheerful, the blooms are more vibrant and it starts a stirring in me for new clothes in my closet!

I guess that is how spring cleaning begins at the farmhouse – I start with the closets! And then I move on to decor and gardening! So as we say Hello, Spring! I thought I would share an outfit I just added to my closet this Spring!

This is such a fun top and I am so excited about wearing this with a pair of white jeans or pink shorts! The best part is that this darling top is less than $25!

I think these are going to be a really popular pair of sandals this Spring and Summer! I keep seeing them everywhere and I am having a hard time only buying this one pair! I think they will look great with the darling top from above!

I am always picking up extra pairs of sunglasses and these, are super cute yet also affordable! I cannot keep expensive sunglasses! No matter how hard I try and no matter what kind of case I put them I always scratch them up! I love these sunglasses for that reason!

Clearly I have a thing going for stripes and tassels this Spring! The tassels are removable so you will have a more flexible look with this fun handbag!

I live in white jeans from Easter (Hello, I live in the South!) until Labor Day! And if you have not yet tried the NYDJ brand yet you need these ASAP! I love the way they fit me and they do not stretch out and they do not fade! Be sure to size down because they are meant to help you look a size smaller!

I hope you have liked a few of the Hello, Spring items that I am sharing! I am a big Amazon shopper because I work full time and am a full time Mom/Dad to the teenage boy! I just don’t have time to shop and using Amazon is a true lifesaver for me! I know most people already have Amazon but I wanted to share a promotion that they are running for a 30-day free trial on their Prime program! It is a great way to try it out and take advantage of their famous 1-and 2-day free shipping! That is the only way to go for me!