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Cozy Little Fall Pumpkins

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Recently the family was gathered together for a Saturday morning football game at the Simple Southern Life farmhouse. In Texas, we take our college alma mater football games seriously! While waiting out a rain delay we decided to take on a few projects around the farmhouse. Knowing that the project couldn’t be a drawn-out, time-consuming one we decided to do a little crafting!

So Cozy Little Fall Pumpkins were just the trick!

Y’all these cozy little fall pumpkins were oh so easy! I had most of the items laying around and I bet you do too!

Let me give you a little history on why making some fall decor is so important to me, this year in particular. Much like my coats that disappeared when we moved into the farmhouse, all of my fall decor is missing now too. So I either have a thief that is strategically timing their robberies over time or they were thrown away! I mean I guess we probably could have just mislabeled a box in one of the attics. But seeing that we recently went through all of them I don’t think that is the case! We already checked every single box. During which, I was once again harassed for having too much Christmas decor! Honestly, there is no such thing as too much Christmas decor! Anyway, the fall decor is missing. So being on a limited budget like I am, I have been trying to make what I can to decorate the farmhouse for fall.

So here is what we did to make our cozy little fall pumpkins. Gather together the following supplies:

  • plastic shopping bags, white ones work best
  • old white sweater
  • zip ties
  • sticks from your yard – make sure they are ant and bug free! 🙂
  • scissors – we used two different kinds for this project; pinking shears and regular fabric scissors

Once you have all the items the actual making of the cozy little fall pumpkins goes very quickly! It was just my mom and me working on these lil guys and it was really nice to have an extra set of hands helping out!

First, cut the desired amount of your sweater to make the size pumpkin you want. We used one sleeve and made three small pumpkins. None of them was the same size, and that was okay with me because no two pumpkins look exactly the same either! Next, tie off one end of the sweater with a zip tie. Cut excess closely. Then bunch up the white shopping bags and put them inside the sweater. Gather together the sweater and place your stick inside, poking out just a bit, and then secure with a zip tie. Trim zip tie closely and cover with the extra sweater fabric. Wala, you are done! See I told you it was easy!

We also made this little candle too! Okay, made…or upgraded…anywho we added some twine to an IKEA candle that I had laying around and gave it a little farmhouse look as well! So so simple. We used double sided tape started wrapping until we reached our desired level. We finished it off with the last of the twine on the double-sided tape. This project is not meant to last long term – but the whole cost was under $3! So if you are like me and already looking for inexpensive ideas for Christmas gifts for neighbors or colleagues, then look no further than this simple project. And because I used a white sweater…watch for these to make a Christmas appearance too with some simple adjustments!

The very best part of this craftastic project, besides doing it with my Mom, is that if they too go missing it is okay because I can always make more!