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Farmhouse Bathroom

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I will never forget when I first started out in real estate that I heard the phrase, “bathrooms and kitchens sell houses and most people only congregate in one of them!” So when looking at this farmhouse and its bathroom and kitchen areas, I knew that we could revive it into something grand. Almost a year later, and almost done with our massive to-do list, we are finally finishing up the final touches to the farmhouse bathroom. Honestly, the farmhouse bathroom really wasn’t that bad, to begin with, but it still had a lot of potential to be something great! The farmhouse bathroom was one of the first rooms painted in the farmhouse immediately after the teenage boys’ tie-dye room had been painted (more to that horror story in another post).

Eek! This was the second bedroom BEFORE!

And honestly, without looking at pictures I can’t tell you what color the walls were in the farmhouse bathroom…but I can tell you the puke green trim and cabinets had to go! Again, I question the logic in the paint colors selected for this farmhouse!

Now you might be wondering why it took so long to complete the farmhouse bathroom redo…I am pretty sure that I have selective ADD when it comes to this house, or some might refer to it as difficulty making decisions, either way I have done a little work here and there and put off way too long painting about a half inch on the ceiling (I thought the trim would cover it so I didn’t paint it) to finally complete the room!

We started with painting the walls, then moved on to painting the bead board (I am still not 100% certain that will stay because it is too low), then we went on to the cabinets and then removing the too large of a mirror, adding the shiplap to the wall, adding the industrial farmhouse shelf and then finally putting up the shiplap ceiling. Hindsight, I should have done the ceiling first! But I had to convince my Dad that we could do it and that took a little time!

Taking down the massive mirror was by far the worst part of this farmhouse bathroom renovation. After reading how to do it, and watching a few youtube videos I felt like it would be pretty easy! That is not at all how I would describe this step in the renovation process! It was an incredibly, dangerous mess! The glass had been glued with heavy duty tar about every 5 inches in every direction…clearly they did not want it coming down and I am here to tell you there is no way it could have ever even thought about coming down!

So I literally had a million small pieces of glass and then had to use a pry bar to remove the areas that were adhered with tar which resulted in the drywall tearing as well! I had glass shards everywhere and the worst part…I now have nicks all on the bathroom countertop! We weren’t planning on replacing that, but now we have no choice! Honestly, it was ugly and needs to go! In fact, replacing the countertop is the final thing we are waiting on to mark the farmhouse bathroom off the to-do list!

After removing the mirror and putting up the shiplap wall we moved on to painting the cabinets. Thank goodness for the quality paint sprayer that my Mom purchased for us to use! Made a huge difference! I honestly never knew how much I needed one of these gadgets! They are life changing and worth the money. I think I was always worried about the cleanup step of using one, but it really isn’t that difficult at all to clean up! So if you are on the fence, you should just do it!

The cabinets were not as hard as I had feared. I’d done a considerable amount of research and discovered it was best to use a self leveling product like Flotrol mixed in with my paint to assist in a smooth finish. Allowing the paint to dry in between coats was also critical! If you’re a thing like me, the patience in between coats was similar to torture! Painting the cabinet doors however is not something you can rush. Full disclosure, I did not wait 24 hours between coats but I can see where that would really help!

I also did not use a roller at all. Many sites recommended a high quality roller, but that did not produce the smooth finish I desired like the spray gun did. So the entire cabinet was painted using a spray gun.

Since the farmhouse only has one full bathroom we struggled with how long to allow it to dry before we took as fast as showers as we possibly could! For me that was easy peasy but for the teenage boy it was not difficult to hurry! I don’t even want to know!

My biggest mistake was not knowing how to properly tape the farmhouse bathroom. Because the farmhouse is so small we didn’t have anywhere to put all of our bathroom stuff. So I didn’t clear the cabinets! Instead I used paper and tape. Hindsight, box it all up and deal with the stack of boxes! Trying to keep paint from spraying into the cabinets was a joke! Everything, and I mean everything had overspray!

One of the last things we did was paint the shiplap ceiling and add the trim work. Because who really likes painting ceilings? No one. And who can cut those silly angle cuts for the trim work? No one. Well…no one but the teenage boy that is! Finally that private school education is paying off! Because my parents and I cannot cut those silly little angels! Period. Not at all. Not to save our lives! But the teenage boy can, and it’s pretty easy for him too! Whew!

We also added these awesome industrial farmhouse shelves! Y’all these were so easy to make! I literally saw a picture and ran to my big box hardware store and picked up the items one Sunday afternoon and had them done within about two hours! So easy! Yet so cute!

So although we are not 100% ready to mark the farmhouse bathroom complete we are ready to share some of the work we have done! Mainly, because I am just too excited about how it is coming together!