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Farmhouse Inspiration

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I am not sure if you have noticed but there has been a little lag in our posting. I have hit somewhat of a plateau with working on the farmhouse. It is not that I don’t want to but rather I have just lost the go go go attitude. So I have been relaxing and enjoying summer! Some of my time has been spent perusing Pinterest. And recently I found my self drooling over some farmhouse inspiration pins.

What is not to love about this farmhouse inspiration living room? The slipcover, the chippy table and the white cabinet truly make this room!

I have always wanted a mudroom like this one, there is something so wonderful about having a place that is organized for your items when you are leaving/coming home!

One of the rooms I am struggling so much with finishing is the kitchen in our farmhouse. It was probably the only room in the house that had been updated. We are talking granite countertops, new cabinets and appliances. In fact the dish washer was brand-new and still in the packaging because the owner just never hooked it up! What? I cannot imagine having a new KitchenAid dishwasher and not using it. Sad. Just sad. The problem is, I don’t like the granite or the color of the cabinets. They look good together, just not with the rest of the farmhouse. And since the farmhouse is very open concept, it just looks out of place.

This farmhouse kitchen makes me really want to consider painting my cabinets white and updating the granite to match.

Or this kitchen. Which looks very similar to the layout of my kitchen. Like almost exactly the same. Kinda weird. But it gives me some much needed farmhouse inspiration on what my kitchen could look like and that my friend, is a beautiful thing!

One area that I have struggled to decorate my entire adult life has been the master bedroom. I always do it last because I just can’t come up with what I want in the look and feel. After becoming a single mom I struggled even more. I mean I can’t exactly hang a sign over the bed that is all lovey and mushy cause, well that is just weird. But I am constantly on the look out for what I can do to my master bedroom, until I find Mr. Right where I can hang one of those gushy signs! 🙂 Assuming there is a Mr. Right, but that is a whole other post! 🙂

This master bedroom is a farmhouse inspiration to me! Similar layout to mine with the bed between the windows too! I love the simplicity of the room. Although instead of the wreath on the ceiling I have a ceiling fan. Don’t judge. I live in the south and it is hot! And I have original hardwoods, not carpet. But I do love this look and I happen to have an old chippy frame like that one too!


My hope, although truly unintentional, is that these pins will provide me with the ideas, inspiration and determination to get back up on this farmhouse todo list and finish it out! We are so very close and I assume that some of my delay is due to the fact that I am uncertain if I (I mean we) want to sell the farmhouse when I am finished and do another, or do we stay awhile. So for now, I am dragging my feet on completing the farmhouse. Not to decide is to decide…hmm.