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Farmhouse Living Room Furniture

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Before we moved into this farmhouse fixer upper, almost a year ago, we made the decision to sell most of the furniture from our other house. So we had a pretty big need to find new farmhouse living room furniture almost right away. It is kind of hard to relax on the couch after a long day of doing renovations when you don’t have a couch to relax on! So after many days searching for the perfect farmhouse living room furniture, we decided to take our search to Ikea. Now don’t turn your nose up at Ikea! I have had high-priced furniture in the past and it doesn’t last any longer than the less expensive version of the same style offered at Ikea.

Now our Ikea is not close to the farmhouse at all. We are talking a good hour and a half drive just to get there. Not to mention the time in the maze and the final decision time and of course the wait in the pickup area! So this was going to be an all day adventure for me and the teenage boy – no passport needed! Darn the luck!

We had done some previous online searches of the Ikea farmhouse living room furniture, but since we had never been to this Ikea, let’s just say that we were a little more than overwhelmed! From trying to figure out how to get a basket, where to start and how to shop we were total tourists! Thankfully, we quickly figured the system out!

Side note. We did do some preparation and from our online searches, we had the measurements of the farmhouse living room furniture that we wanted to possibly purchase and had taken those measurements to make sure the items would fit in the Caddy. According to our measurements, we were good to go!

So after sitting on various couches, loveseats, and chairs for what seemed like hours we finally made our decision to go with the Ektorp Sectional couch. Deciding a color was also rather trying on both of our patience’s, but after much debate on two very similar shades of white, we settled on the Vittaryd white. We placed our order with the helpful Ikea staff and continued on through the maze adding items to the cart.

After piling the cart full of items, not all were farmhouse living room furniture items of course, we were finally ready to check out! We really were excited to find curtains for the living room, kitchen and both of the bedrooms, along with the curtain rods and mounting brackets, duvets and duvet covers for both beds and a few odds and ends that we probably didn’t really need. You know like an orchid, that is bound to end up in orchid heaven with the other four orchids that have passed on since moving into the farmhouse! And party napkins, and kitchen towels…okay I will stop before you realize that I have an Ikea shopping issue!

After checking out, we waited and waited. And of course we got suckered into buying cinnamon rolls (because they smell so darn good) and ice cream cones (because they are so darn cheap)! Finally, we were staring at our order coming at us in utter disbelief. These boxes were WAY bigger than the measurements from online! How in the world were we going to get this in the small Caddy? Not going to happen. That was my immediate comment to the teenage boy. But him being the optimist, he was sure that we could do it because we had measured after all!

Not going to happen! And it didn’t. So after being sooo excited about our Ektorp Sectional we were incredibly disappointed. So I called my Dad! What else is a girl supposed to do besides throw in the towel and call her Dad? He of course offered to come pick it up right away and of course I declined because they live even further than we do from Ikea. So we returned the Ektorp that we had just purchased and left brokenhearted with our other goods.

So after a very long, quite drive home we came up with our plan B. We would go back with my Dad’s truck in a couple of weeks! And it would give us some time to figure out what else we needed for the farmhouse!

Just like our plan we went back to Ikea and re-purchased the Ektorp Sectional couch. And we once again had a discussion about the color of the slip cover. Finally we had everything in the cart, checked out and left. About 15 minutes down the road I ask shakily which color of slipcover did we get again? And confidently the teenage boy read the color on the package…but his reply was wrong! It had to be! We wanted the Vittaryd white! So after a few choice words we turned around and went back to Ikea, again. Returned the slipcover and purchased the Vittaryd white slip cover! Honestly, I am starting to think the universe did not want us to have a couch for the farmhouse!

With cinnamon rolls and ice creams in hand we headed back towards the farmhouse with our new farmhouse living room furniture! Exhausted, but excited we quickly got it all assembled and we could not be happier! But we sure laugh about our Ikea shopping fiascos!

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  1. Awesome. We have had an IKEA Ektorp sectional for about 10 years now and it has held up amazingly well! Our kids were 7, 8, and 10 when we got it, so you can imagine how many times the slipcovers have been washed! We keep thinking it’s time to get a new slipcover in a different color, but the original (light beige-don’t remember the name) is still in great shape! I hope you enjoy it! Our couch is great for naps!

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