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SimpleSouthernLife Memorial Day Celebration

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As any good southern girl knows, food and decorations are an essential part of any good party! So now that we are a bit more settled into the farmhouse we are finally at a point where we can do some celebrating, and I am super excited about our SimpleSouthernLife Memorial Day Celebration!

Being a patriotic family, we are so thankful for those women and men who so un-selfishly defend our country so that we can live free. So many times we take these freedoms for granted, and in some cases people abuse them. Having had a strong military family, my grandfather was in the Army, my great uncle was in the Air Force, my other great uncle was also in the Air Force and my cousin is in the Coast Guard we have numerous close friends who also served in the Navy so thanking and remembering those who served and continue to serve is very important to us!

Now I am not going to pass up a good Memorial Day picnic as food is an essential part of any holiday celebration but setting the mood for the party is where the decorating comes in. This year we are having a SimpleSouthernLife Memorial Day Celebration at the farmhouse and are celebrating both with food and decorations for our SimpleSouthernLife Memorial Day Celebration!

I recently made this adorable door hanger and quite honestly I am super proud of my crafty work on it (modest too)! It really is pretty easy to do and it took about 2 hours total to complete so it is certainly not hard.

SimpleSouthernLife Memorial Day Celebration Decorations Shopping List

  • One piece of 3×5 luann board from your home improvement store
  • One small bottle of navy, red, and white paint from your craft store
  • One Black Paint Pen from your local craft store
  • One jig saw with a smooth cutting blade
  • One piece of bendable wire
  • One drill bit
  • Sand paper
  • Painters Tape
  • Paint brushes
  • Assorted red, white, and blue ribbons for the wire
  • Patriotic Bunting

Memorial Day Door Hanger

First, I traced my jar shape onto the luann board with a pencil. After erasing and fixing I was finally read to cut. Carefully and slowly I started making my cuts to the board. Honestly, it was not perfect after I finished cutting it out. But a little bit (or a lot) of sanding really helped shape the piece to look like a jar.

Next, I taped off the areas to paint white, and navy. I added several coats of paint allowing them to dry between coats (that is what made this project take so long). After I was happy with those colors I re-taped what needed to be red and applied several coats. Next, I cut out the star pattern from my Silhouette Cameo on to vinyl (you could easily trace a star and paint by hand, but I didn’t have the patience for it). I carefully placed my vinyl and started painting the white stars onto the navy.

After all the painting, I used the black paint pen to add the accents to help it look more like a jar. It is not perfect and I am okay with that. Finally I drilled two small holes at the top and looped my wire through to make a handle. My wire was pretty thin so I did a double loop for more strength.

Lastly, I took the ribbon and cut small pieces and tied them to the wire handle. I had some fabric laying around so I also cut strips to add to the ribbon for added dimension.

I have a magnetic hanger on my front door so I just used that to hang it from. I also picked up some patriotic bunting at the craft store and after ironing it (yes, I ironed something to hang outside) I hung it above the porch. I am so pleased with how easy it was to get ready for Memorial Day!

Tomorrow we are sharing some of our other creativities for our SimpleSouthernLife Memorial Day Celebration! Hope you will come back to check out what we have planned!