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Simple Southern Life – Bichon Birthday Bash

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A year ago we were running errands and walked into PetsMart looking for supplies for our fish tank. This was the latest of hobbies of my teenage son. In we go for fish and out we come with a dog! An adorable Bichon-Doodle dog! What?

Yep, you read that right. We went in for fish and came out with a Bichon-Doodle dog. Our local store was hosting a pet adoption day for a local rescue group. I’d like to note that I was against this. I repeatedly shook my head NO. I looked to my parents for support on this one, only to see them both shaking their heads YES! I had been sabotaged!

Riley Adoption Day
Riley’s Adoption Day
Once they put the cute little cuddly Bichon-Doodle in my arms I knew it was over. Although I kept saying NO, my heart kept saying YES! So after paperwork, an extensive interview and many tears from the dogs’ foster Mom, a collar, a pet bed, a leash and of course dog food we were on our way with Howie.

Now Howie just didn’t seem to fit him. So after MANY names being tossed about we landed on Riley Howard. Honestly, I cannot see how anyone could have abandoned this pup. He is the sweetest, most lovable, cuddly dog that is always smiling! No kidding. With his under-bite, he always appears to be wearing a smile.

Picture of Bichon-Doodle and teenboy in bluebonnets
Life in the south means yearly bluebonnet pictures!
We have had so much fun with Riley this year! He’s gone kayaking, hiking, fishing, road tripping and enjoyed many a playdate with his cousin Cooper. But one of the coolest things is that he still has his big smile! That is evident here in his birthday video!

Riley has his own Instagram account so check him out some time @bigsmilelittledog and be sure to follow Simple Southern Life as well!