More than fifty shades of gray!

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We finally decided on a paint color for the exterior of the garage and house, because let’s face it Mint Chocolate Chip is not a paint color! I mean seriously,  what were the previous owners thinking? So we went on the daunting task of finding the perfect gray! And wow was I surprised to learn that there are more than fifty shades of gray! I just want gray. Not blue-gray, not pink gray (yes there is such a thing) and not green gray. Just good old gray gray!

After many samples, we FINALLY purchased Valspar Exterior paint in Polished Silver. And we got lucky that Lowes was having an awesome rebate offer by the time we made our decision! Score one for me! The mint green color of the garage just had to go! Because honestly, I was embarrassed to tell anyone that this was our house.

garage mint
BEFORE picture

Meet the Neighbors

I no more got started painting when the neighbors started coming out to officially meet us. I guess when you are working outside it is an open invitation for visitors. But these people were chatty and all I really wanted to do was paint. Each and every one of them were so excited that we were painting the garage (and house). They too agreed that mint chocolate chip is not a paint color! And they all loved the color I selected. Score one for me, again!


The AFTER of the painting of the garage, which is now gray.
Garage AFTER…I was excited and didn’t bother to clean up before this picture!


It is funny how something so simple as a fresh coat of paint can transform something! Honestly, what a difference a coat of paint makes! We used Valspar Exterior paint in Polished Gray from Lowes. This was my first five gallon paint purchase and I felt like a true flipper (or possibly just a full fledged adult) with this big bucket of paint in my cart!

Next Up on the To Do List

I have plans to add navy shutters to the sides of the windows and add some window boxes with pretty perky flowers too! Because in the South, a detached garage like this becomes part of the backyard decor and since we get to enjoy the outside most of the year we need to spiffy it up some!


after front
Front of the garage.

If you look closely you will see the tiny spot I couldn’t reach at the top of the garage! I briefly thought of leaving it as a momento to the mint chocolate chip green – ha! Only kidding! My fear of heights got the best of me! So my Dad finished it the next day for me!

Also on the LONG to do list, I bet you can guess, fixing the busted garage door! I don’t know how you run into your own garage door but I have a few theories on how the previous owner dented the door! The good news is that it does still go up and down. The bad news is that it looks terrible and you can’t just replace the one dented panel – you have to replace the WHOLE garage door! Ugh!

I can’t tell you how happy the new paint makes me every time I drive in my driveway! It truly is the simple things that make me happy!