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Garage Door Makeover

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Every day, sometimes multiple times a day, I use my garage door. To park the car, to do various projects (because it also serves as my workshop area) and even to put things in the garage attic  – that is a super fun task because you get to pretend you are a contortionists preparing for an audition for Cirque de Home Improvement! I digress.

Although this is a detached garage, this area of the home gets used, A LOT! When I purchased this house, almost 9 months ago, I knew that the garage door needed some work. I had negotiated this repair during the option period and received a cash credit for it at closing. The bottom panel had clearly been hit. Either from backing out of the garage and into it or from someone not stopping in time from the outside. Honestly, I am not sure how the bottom panel got so damaged. But opening and closing the garage door became more and more tedious. There have been some mornings when I have literally been begging it to close.

The time had come for its repair. Unfortunately, I had hoped that we could replace just the one panel but it was discontinued and was not an option for me. So after several calls to various garage door companies – some who were extremely high priced and some who just didn’t return my call (seems to be an ongoing issue with contractors) I finally found what I was looking for! I hired the job through the big box home improvement store.

Although I had hoped to get it a little cheaper than I did, I was totally happy with the customer service I received from the big box home improvement store! I went in, placed my order and paid for it in less than 15 minutes one busy Saturday. I also was super surprised that this was considered a two-car garage. I mean, maybe if you have two smart cars yes it is, but I drive a small crossover and it barely fits (length)! And who doesn’t store things in their garage? I cannot be the only one who has an additional refrigerator for beverages in their garage, a deep freeze for meat killed during hunting season, stacked shelving units with lots of sporting equipment, home decorations, tools, paint, etc.! I just can’t be the only one!


Within two hours of purchasing my new garage door, literally leaving the big box home improvement store with a folder of paper and little poorer, I received a call from said big box home improvement store just thanking me for my order and letting me know what the process entailed. Wow!

Every week, sometimes twice a week, I had a call from the big box home improvement store letting me know an update on my garage door and where we were in the process. Wow! Although they said it could take up to 30 days from purchase to install they assured me it would probably only take 2 weeks. So I was super excited. However, it really took the entire 30 days. Oh well!


I really will say that the customer service has been great! I love knowing where I am on a project and when I can expect work to be done. I would rather you over communicate with me than leave me wondering. And honestly I know I could have gotten a garage door for about $100-$200 cheaper, but I wouldn’t have the guarantee, warranty or customer service I have had with this big box home improvement store either.

So what used to be a giant eyesore, remember the lime green and dented garage door, is now a beautiful sight when I will pull into my driveway! And now I push a button and the door glides up or down easily, as it should!

I am on the fence about adding the faux handles to the doors making it look like a carriage type door. I have the pieces and have thought all along that I would add this embellishment to the garage door, but now I am just not sure! I would love to have your feedback on it so please leave me a comment below!