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In the beginning…there was paint!

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Well, the day has finally come and we are embarking on a new adventure of a 1950s house with all of its quirks and charms. This day has been a long time coming and we both are super excited! Clearly, this excitement is after closing and before we have lifted any boxes!

First, on the list, unpack. Duh. Okay, outside of the obvious, one of the first things we will tackle will be painting. Lots and lots of paint are needed in and around this house! For a quick look at an organized moving plan that I used to visit my Pinterest page here. I used the color coded method. Each box was assigned a color of duct tape that was on the top/side of each box and corresponding labels (also with a matching color) which made it easier for us and the movers. I had several color key signs posted inside the house to make it easier for the movers. And because I am a bit OCD at times I also organized my boxes inside my garage before the movers arrived to make putting like colored tags together on the moving truck. Genius!

I dearly adore the lady who sold her home to me and truly my heart goes out to her as she starts a new life for herself in California! But I certainly do not have the same vision that she did on painting this house. Nope. Not at all! So the “tie-dyed” room (my son’s room) will need to be painted first and foremost!

tye dye room
The Tie-Dye Room (pictures courtesy of MLS)

Then there is the yellow (my least favorite color in the whole world thanks to my grandmother’s obsession with her yellow iris flowerbeds!) in the master bedroom.  It will need to be painted prior to any nightmares! And in case you are worried, there is, of course, more yellow on the exterior of the house. Peeling, cracking, and bare spots of yellow. And the garage…well it is best described as mint.

garage mint
Mint green garage (pictures courtesy of MLS)

Have you ever seen a mint green garage that didn’t make you hungry for mint chocolate chip ice cream? I am sure my hips will thank me for painting over this so I don’t devour a pint of ice cream every day!

I am pretty sure this is the order of my immediate to-do list, right after having the fridge hooked up to water for ice and the dishwasher connected so I can wash dishes! Who in this day and age do not use a dishwasher? A perfectly good brand new dishwasher that has never been used because it isn’t hooked up to the electricity. The to-do list is pretty lengthy and I am trying to keep all of my projects on a very tight budget! In doing so, we will be doing a lot of the projects ourselves. Which, I would imagine means a lot of fun reading for you!

So as we unpack our boxes and settle into our new Home Sweet Home, I hope you will check back and join us on this exciting journey!