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New Year…new Blog!

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Out with the old and in with the New Year! And with the New Year comes this blog!

This blog is a labor of love, much like the work that we are doing on our historic home in Texas! As a small family of two, myself and my teenage son. Together we are knee deep in renovation and on our way to take a historic house from flop to fab in under a year. What’s the rush? Well everyone needs goals and if you’ve ever done any home improvement projects you know that you just want it done. So without a deadline that it could go on forever! And since we are living in the house while renovating, and I have a type-A personality where I like everything in its place, I just don’t think that I could handle a mess for much longer than a year!

Let’s back up to the beginning of our journey. We decided to sell our traditional, ranch-style home in our cookie cutter neighborhood with the perfect school system that was convenient and close to both my work and my son’s private school. Why? Well being in real estate and the market is hot, it was just too good to pass up and offer from an investor who wanted to purchase our house, sight unseen and without it being on the market, just because of the school district. So we made the move, literally. We sought out some killer moving boxes and overly planned out our move strategically. I used all the medium-sized boxes. Think about it. If you use a bunch of sizes it becomes a giant game of Tetris for the movers. But if you use all the same size boxes, well it makes a giant square. Easy peasy. I am pretty sure I caught the movers snickering at my boxes. But once they were loading they realized my level of genius! Trust me, after three moves in under five years I have figured out a thing or two about organizing a move strategically.

Moving from a three bedroom, two and a half bath house with an office and media room that was built in the 2000s to a two bedroom, one and a half bath house that was built in the 40s. We went from 2800 sq ft to almost 1500 sq ft. Gulp. And the new house, well it needs work. So much work that I honestly am embarrassed to tell people where we moved. Seriously. We don’t give out our address, and none of our friends have been allowed to visit. Seriously. So off we go on an adventure to restore pride to this historic house and to make a home to create some memories in.

So join us on this journey as we document the successes, failures, and many (dare I say very funny) mishaps we will have along the way! Although we are small, in number, we are mighty in strength, courage, and faith. So as we welcome this New Year and launch this blog, we hope that you will share your thoughts and opinions help us to make this house a home.