Live Simple – the SimpleSouthernLife mission statement

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It has been a looong time since you last heard from me, friends! It is not because I haven’t wanted to share with you but, honestly I just haven’t felt the creativity to write at all! It is probably because we have been soo very busy! Like passing myself coming and going busy (not even kidding)! Unfortunately, the same goes for the farmhouse … nothing has been done that is share worthy! This business has began to wear on me and goes against my desire to live simple. The whole reason we bought the SimpleSouthenLife farmhouse was to live a more simple life after all.

But to say that nothing has been done is a big understatement! I mean, I have managed to pay all the bills, keep the floors clean, the laundry done and our bellies fed! That alone deserves some sort of award or at the very least a nod of accomplishment! With back to school being one of the most stressful times in a mothers year, even more so than Christmas according to a blip I caught on one of the entertainment channels by Tia or Tamara (I honestly don’t know which twin) – any who I have been completely swamped! From getting the teenage boy to early morning football practices 6 days a week to not getting home from our day until well after 7 pm that has left me little time to actually do some work on the farmhouse that is share worthy!

But what I have been doing is focusing my time on growing my social media. Yep. I abandoned my blogging for Instagram. It has been my virtual creativity outlet. It has given a chance to look at (I really mean drool over) so many beautiful IG accounts with gorgeous homes from across the world! Although I have not been working on the farmhouse I have been creating a digital inspiration for what I hope the end result will be for the little SimpleSouthernLife farmhouse!

I mean would you look this one from Pine and Prospect Home It so reminds me of the SimpleSouthernLife farmhouse with the colors, shutters and flower boxes! Gives me so much hope of what mine will look like when the hydrangeas are more mature! It is just a super cute home and y’all her blog is full of fabulous inspiration!

And as I have still been contemplating a color change to the SimpleSouthernLife kitchen, still to chicken to go for it though, I have looked a ton of other kitchens like the one from Kellie at Gratefully Vintage and just daydreamed! I mean that window is so similar to mine in our dining room. I have been contemplating curtains but I am loving this lighter look and color contrast of these shades. The white on white just has my heart though! One day…


Somewhere along the way in the journey to finish the SimpleSouthernLife farmhouse I have become more of a minimalist. Probably not in the traditional, modern terms of starkness but in the less is more sense. I don’t like stuff or clutter. Living in a small farmhouse with little to no storage I have realized the difference in what I need and what I want. Not only has this helped me stay on budget but it also allows me to purchase quality vs quantity. So I usually am able to walk past the target dollar spot (trap) and only buy what I truly love and things that will be able to move with me when we sell the farmhouse.

So when I found Sarah at Little Vintage Nest I knew I had found a similar minded diy-er with some mad skills! Take a look at her awesome, budget friendly drop-cloth curtains!

And this pillow, well that has become my new motto. That pretty much sums up my life and the SimpleSouthernLife mission statement – I mean if I had a mission statement for our home that would probably be it! Just sayin’. Because there is nothing more encompassing than living a simple life. No drama and no complications! Just living a simple, life. Hey, a girl can hope and dream!

So to be fair, here is a project that I recently completed for my master bedroom. I have alway wanted to put something over my bed. Not just at the farmhouse, but really every house I have ever lived in and owned. I have this massively tall princess bed that my grandfather made for me and I just adore it! It is a special piece that I will cherish forever. But it usually leaves a big blank space between the headboard and the ceiling. And for years I have struggled with what to put above it. Nothing has felt right, until I decided to move the ladder and turn it sideways! Although I think I need a few more items to complete it like an olive branch wreath maybe, I am really loving they way it completes that space for now!

This was actually a recent post on Instagram. I was highlighting the recent find of my European pillow shams and curtains. And this cute little fur ball decided he was sleeping in the bed with me! Which is totally fine because I like snuggling up to Riley!

So happy Saturday friends! I hope you will forgive my lack of posting and know that I will try to do better as I live simple!

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  1. I totally understand. I, too, have been doing a minimal amount of blogging during the summer because of so many family activities. Now with fall upon us, I’m also ready to get back in the game.
    Your house is absolutely beautiful and a great inspiration for my own decorating, which I’ve also been busy working on. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing more posts.

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