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My Space in October

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Recently I was asked to co-host an Instagram hashtag with a great group of ladies! I was so flattered an honored that someone had picked me (flashbacks to your days in middle school of being left out…yep me too!) I mean, I am still relatively small potatoes in the grand world of Instagram after all! Joining these ladies of My Space in October sounds like so much fun!!

I admitted to you all recently that I had been focusing a lot of my (free – hahaha) time on growing my social media account on Instagram. And as I have grown from one follower (my lovely mother) to now close to 1300 followers (in a 6 months), I am pretty proud of my work on this element of Simple Southern Life! I love Instagram and the home decor community is incredibly supportive! Even the Uber large accounts are open and willing to offer advice and support! I have been so surprised to grow some friendships with people across the country and around the world!

So of course I said yes to co-hosting #MyspaceinOctober which you should totally check out by the way! And as I play along for our new hashtag, I will post my daily entries for My Space in October and some of my favorite posts for the day here for you to see too – just incase you aren’t on Instagram, which you totally should be!

Here is the line up for the month  – can’t wait to see what you share!



Hope you will follow along and join us for some fun this month! I’d love to hear your feedback so give me a shout! And maybe just maybe, this hashtag challenge will help me keep current with my blogging – at least for the month of October as I share My Space in October too! And y’all, although I have not been blogging, I have been working on some pretty cute projects that I will be sharing with you too! Check back soon for My Space in October and for the fall projects I have been working on!