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Shutter Up – DIY Window Shutters

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Simple DIY for Adding Window Shutters

Ever drive past those beautiful expansive estates that have been meticulously well kept? Every detail seems to be in its proper place. That is not my house. Yet. Well…maybe never.

Today on Simple Southern Life we are tackling the easy task of DIY shutters for our recently painted garage. For information on the garage renovation, see our blog post, Mint is an ice cream flavor, not a paint color. Here is a quick, and easy tutorial on adding some much-needed detail to what some might see as an eyesore. The garage.

DIY Window Shutters by Simple Southern Life

Since our garage is detached and part of the backyard I wanted to add some decorative touches to it to make the backyard more inviting. Living in the South we get to enjoy most of the year outdoors, and the backyard really becomes an extension of the home.

Supplies for DIY Window Shutters on Simple Southern Life

Next, determine the length of your shutters. Mine were 36 inches, and I wanted three boards with cross pieces per side per window.

The next step is to mark and cut all your boards at one time, as it is so much easier that way. I measure and mark each board individually using my Stanley square. Although I know it is tempting to just mark the first one and use it as your guide, it is safer to measure and mark each one so when you are finished you don’t have to take it all apart to cut the one that was just a tad too long!

DIY Window Shutters on Simple Southern Life

Next, layout your three long boards side by side. Then lay the cross pieces on top. Carefully clamp the long boards to the cross pieces to keep them in place while you drill them together using your 1.5-inch screws.

DIY Window Shutters on Simple Southern Life

I usually drill the two side pieces and then the middle because once the sides are in the middle board won’t move around on you. Repeat this process for the other end of this shutter.

DIY Window Shutters on Simple Southern Life

Next, lightly sand the shutters when you have finished attaching them together. I have had this FireStorm orbital sander for years! I love the ease of putting new papers on – it is Velcro! Wipe off well with a cloth to remove any loose debris.

DIY Window Shutters on Simple Southern Life

Now you are ready to paint them! I had to give my shutters two good coats of paint, allowing them to dry in between coats.

Once you finish painting and are ready to hang, grab your drill and four of your 3-inch screws. You will need a helper for this step! Place shutter next to the trim on your window, making sure you are even at the top and bottom and screw the shutter into the structure. I screw into the middle board because I like things to be symmetrical. Add another screw to the bottom middle. Repeat for other windows.

DIY Window Shutters on Simple Southern Life

Tad-ah! You are done! Doesn’t it make a big difference!