Photos of the Week 1/9-1/15

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As the man behind the camera at Simple Southern Life I will be posting the top five photos I took each week. For Christmas, I got a new DSLR camera because the DSLR I had was very old, eight years old in fact. Next year I will be taking a photography class in school and they require me to have my own camera. I have entered a few contests every year and I usually do pretty well, but I hope to improve my skills before I am graded on them starting in the Fall. Now enough of my talking and on to the actual pictures.

1: Oh Orchid

Not only a photo but a project to keep it alive too!

2: Mums the Word

Failed gardening project.

3: Straight as a board

4: O O O…Riley!

Chief Security Officer at SSL

5: Night Light

Shooting light trail is a favorite right now!

What would you title these pictures?

The DSLR I use