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Simple Southern Jam

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Recently I came across a great deal on strawberries and since they are such a delightful spring time food I purchased a bunch of them. And by bunch, I mean more than two pounds of them! So after nibbling on them for a few days I decided I probably couldn’t eat all of them before they went bad. And like a lightbulb, I decided to make some Simple Southern Jam!

I quickly looked through my great-grandmothers recipes and found the magic recipe. Because I honestly don’t know anyone who made more things from scratch, using just the ingredients she had on hand. That was the way it was when you lived on a ranch out in the country. So that my friends is the recipe that I decided to use. And y’all it was so simple!

I prepped my berries by washing and drying them well, then cut them into different size pieces. I wanted some smaller pieces that would break up and some larger ones for texture. In my mind I was putting the simple southern jam on a warm biscuit or crispy piece of sourdough bread. But honestly, I don’t know what this simple southern jam wouldn’t be good on. Ice cream, waffles, toast … okay I sound like Forrest Gump about this jam!

I gathered my simple ingredients sugar, berries, a lemon (juice and zest), jars and an oversized pan. I mixed it all together over medium heat and watched the magic begin. I skimmed off some of the foam, because everything I have read about jam making said to do that although my great-grandmothers did not mention it. I assume that was one of the things she just knew.

After letting it come to a boil and checking the consistency several times on a chilled plate – to make sure it didn’t run right off the plate – I placed the mixture in individual jars with the lids off and let it cool to room temperature before sealing and putting in the fridge.

That’s is it y’all. Simple Southern Jam is just that … simple. And oh so yummy! I shared some of these jars with neighbors and haven’t heard one complaint. I did however receive my jars back with a note or two asking for more!

The next time you are planning a brunch or just over buy on strawberries you can mix this simple southern jam recipe up and enjoy it as much as we did! One recipe I did see on Pinterest was swapping the lemon for Grand Marnier and I promise, I will be trying that one out very soon!

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